Monday, September 29, 2014

Do Something!

Below are links to some amazing people doing amazing work to make our world better!

These are groups I recommend people learn about, support, and get involved with.
Just click on the links below to go to the different group's websites.

Democracy Now
The REAL news. What most people consider news is actually a business run for money.

Veterans for Peace
Military veterans working to show us that violence is not the way to solve problems!

Ethical Electric
You can now have 100% wind power for about the same price as dirty electricity

Indy Kids
News to help people NOT to make money, scare, or mislead us. Easy for kids to read!

Zapatista Coffee
Organic coffee that tastes great and helps fund important work in Mexico!

Educational Resources (Donelly/Colt)
An independent, friendly, and dedicated friend promoting truth, equality, and social justice.

Anna in the Middle East
A friend who does important work in establishing truth, peace, and justice.

Pastors for Peace
Helping countries affected by U.S. behaviors that maintain poverty and inequality.

The Green Party
We need more options than two parties that are too similar and too corrupt.

Workers World
Working to end poverty and injustice through a great newspaper, protests, and more

End the Occupation
Important work to end injustice, inequality, and lies in the middle east.

Food Not Bombs
Feeding the homeless while explaining that the money for bombs could buy food for all!

One Human Family
as many free One Human Family stickers as you want at this link

important work for peace, equality, and social justice

No We Can't (Video)
3 minute video about social justice that is extremely powerful and well done

Courage to Resist
helping military veterans who have found that peace is the way

Story of Stuff (movie)
The Story of Stuff movie contains very important info on environmental justice

The World Can't Wait
Spreading important truth through protests and more